Model V-780 to nowa propozycja firmy Viking.

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Basic equipment:

1. Floor and upper deck made of checkered sheet metal
2. Boat cabin equipped with:
- space for a minimum of 4 adults
- two seats for the helmsman and the navigator
- cabin lighting
- roof hatch (sunroof)
- steersman wiper
- sea toilet
- cabin ventilation in summer
- lockers for necessary additional equipment
- spacious desktop in front of the skipper and navigator enabling the installation of equipment necessary both for the task of poaching and monitoring the condition of the boat
3. Desktop (console) with control devices equipped with:
- steering wheel
- magnetic compass
- mounted two compatible displays supporting sonar, GPA, radar, and devices capable of connecting via - - WiFi or Bluetooth
- fuel gauge
- battery charge indicator
- panels enabling additional functions, e.g. wipers
- engine parameter indicator
- USB port
- cigarette lighter port
4. Boat deck equipped with:
- possibility of connecting power supply from the mainland
- side and stern railings
- aft mast
- anti-slip floor covering